Fitness Log 001: The “Beast Sensor”




The "Beast Sensor" ... So what actually is it ?

First off, probably a bit of background as to why I feel something like this is needed when it comes to my training ... Throughout my 2/3 Year journey in the Gym I have went from knowing nothing to becoming what I'd consider fairly "switched on", especially with Nutrition. Like most people, as my journey progressed and I gained more knowledge my "end outcomes" and goals started to move around a little, so I went from wanting to be "just another jacked gym dude" to focusing more towards actually using my body for speed, for power, for explosiveness, you know, become more flexible, more dynamic, add strength, add power and just all round be and do more than just "lift a weight" ... And yeah, this tool helps by tracking and planning your way to ALL of that !

I'm always a fan of listening to my body so for me that always comes first, however having data to back up how you feel adds a whole new layer or improving yourself and transforming into a more "athletic" you!

So here is how I work with this ... The Sensor itself (like seen above) is a tiny little "box" like tool that is also magnetic, which helps a tonne as it can be stuck onto the wristband it comes with, or onto other things around the gym such as Plates, Bars, Levers, etc, which in return makes the readings of "how fast you move the bar", "how powerful your pulling", "how strong are your lifts", etc much more accurate.

The easiest way I found to work with this is to program my workouts (usually 4 weeks in advance) on the "Web Portal" as this allows me to select what the objective is for that lift ... Do I want to add strength to my bench press, or how about power? Do I want to 1RM my deadlifts or would I rather focus on the explosiveness of how the bar is moved? And all of that is tracked through a method of training called VBT (give it a google, its real simple !)

Now the best part ... Stats ! Not only does it deliver stats after your workout to the web portal, it gives REAL TIME STATS TO YOUR PHONE!! Yep, you read that right ... As I lift my phone tells me how close I am to the goal I have in mind (you know, the power / strength / explosiveness goals I set) and I can then adjust the weight to what my readings are.

A great example is in the image below ... Deadlifts, in this session I was training for power so I thought I'd try add some weight for my last 2 sets ... Unfortunately I added what seemed to be a bit to much as my power almost halved, along with some ropey form ... So what does this mean ? Well it means my body perhaps wasn't ready for that other 20KG to be flung on the bar if I'm looking to increase my power output, and perhaps I should have maybe tried 10KG first !

Last but not least is the web portal stats ... These are really neat and can be viewed after your workout, allowing you to go much further in depth when it comes to your training along with throwing in some more simple things such as seeing how much you've lifted over a whole week, or even compare lifts over time .

All in all like I say, I always listen to my body first when it comes to everything fitness related, whether its in the gym, doing something like yoga or even the most simplest of tasks like eating, but I find having layer of data to dive into has really moved my training to a whole new route ... If you can get your hands on one I'd definitely recommend it !

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